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One should know all those things that are offered by Waikiki when someone is exploring the world of Waikiki. If you are off from playing at the sea you must be visiting any other spot of Waikiki. So here we shall study what are special places for families in the Waikiki. There a lot of historic places in Waikiki for the families to visit namely Honolulu Zoo, U.S army Museum, Waikiki Historic Trail and the Waikiki Aquarium. Other then the historic places there are also very eye-catching and beautiful place namely The North Shore, Kailua, The Pali, Koolau Ranch, and Arizona Memorial.

The Honolulu Zoo:

The Zoo is situated at the area of 42 acres. This Zoo is the place to live of 995 different animals from the tropics. There are Kombodo, Dragons, orang-utans, elephants, primates, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and a variety of African animals. So surely vsit this place if you love animals!

Zoo administration organizes the twilight Tours of the Zoo every Saturday night from 5:30 to 7:30. These tours are led by the guide. These tours are suitable for the adults and for the families having children of 5 and up.

This is zoo is open to 9:00 am to 5:30 pm daily. And last entrance is allowed at 4:30 pm. This Zoo is open daily except Christmas Day.

It costs $8 adults, $4 locals, $1 Children ageing 6 to 12 and children who are 5 and under are free to visit.

The Waikiki aquarium:

University Of Hawaii established this aquarium in 1904 and this Aquarium I socated on the shoreline of Waikiki Beach near a living reef and across kapiolani park,. This aquarium display cases more than 500 species of the sea and upholds more than 3,000 specimen of sea. Education programs, family-friendly nd interactive exhibits rejoice the exceptional aquatic life of Huwaii.

This aquairim is also a place to live for two endangered Monk Seals. It is open from :00 am to 4:00 pm. It costs $9 for the visitors and $6 for the the local residents, active duty military with ID, students with ID and Senior: $4 for youth ages 13-17 persons with disabilities; $2 for juniors ages 5 to 12; and free for children 4 and under and Friends of Waikiki Aquarium (FOWA) members.

U.S Army Museum of Hawaii:

Coastal defense battery housing military memorabilia from early Hawaiian period through Vietnam War. This museum showcases the honoring Medal of Honor and Distinguished Service Cross recipients. In this museum you can find gift shops and This Museum is free to enter. This museum administration does not charge anyone.

Waikiki Historic Trail – Surfboards mark the spot:

Waikiki has a long history. Its history start before any tourist arrived at this spot or the first hotel was built. It has been the passion of author Dr. George Knahale to revitalize a feel of affection for the Waikiki’s history. to uncover or to tell this untold story Kanhale designed the Waikiki’s History Trail, that place where once the chiefs and commoners lived, is the walking tour that map out the past of this area. Once part swamp, part playground for Hawaiian royalty, It remained a centre of Hawaiian generosity and the seat of Oahu’s Government.

There are five markers installed:

  • One down the Ala wail canal at the new Hawaii’s Convention centre
  • Two at kuhio beach (here the trial starts)
  • One at Hilton Hawaiian Village
  • One at the centre of the Waikiki at the site of Kaiulani statue.

Other cease down the two-mile route include Queen Liliukalan’s residence, King Lunalilo’s residence, Kapaemahu healer’s Stones (or Wizard Stones), Kawehewehe’s Healing Waters, and ancient fish and duck ponds.

And some sites are regarded as markers themselves namely The Moana and the royal Hawaiian hotels and the Statue of Khanamoku.this is the joint project of city and the private sector. This is really a way of create awareness both as holy place to Hawaiians and a bid past of its history.

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