Tips to save money on Waikiki Rental Car

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American Flamingos from the Waikiki Zoo
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Travelling to the Hawaiian Islands on a paradise getaway is best enjoyed if you include car rental services in your priority list.  With car rental services, not only will you be able to get through your itinerary on time, but also enjoy a convenient tour within Hawaii.  Nowadays, more and more people are veering towards green car rental as many upcoming modern vehicles can now run independently of fossil fuel.  These electric-powered vehicles are expected to hit the market by the year 2011.

Of all the many spectacular destinations in Hawaii, no other place is better known for its pristine beaches than Waikiki.  With a Waikiki rental car reservation, you can visit these magnificent hassle-free.  Upon booking a Waikiki rental car service, you can expect to be provided services such as pick-up/drop facility to and fro your airport and hotel.  Must-visit places in Waikiki include Honolulu Zoo, Queen’s Surf Beach and Kapiolani Park.  With knowledgeable drivers along with car rental services, your tour becomes smoother as they can accurately guide you through the whole area of Waikiki.

Regarding the rates of Waikiki rental cars, it will greatly depend on each travel company you book with and therefore you must choose one which offers the best value for your money.  A good way of finding a suitable Waikiki rental car company is by browsing each one’s website and comparing their rates.  Besides this, you can also get more savings on Waikiki car rentals by considering the following tips:

  • Look for package deals when booking for a car rental services.  You can search the web for great value deals or visit their office to make personal inquiries.  It will be then up to you to find the package that best suits your budget.
  • Ask about how you can get hold of discount coupons as you book for the service.  If you opt for online booking, it is highly recommended to check with the car agency regarding such discounts prior to making any payments.
  • Making reservations at an early time may allow you to take advantage of favourable process.  Last-minute reservations are very risky since there is big chance that the demand will be quite high at that time, resulting to higher prices.
  • If you plan to stay in Waikiki for a couple of weeks, it might be advantageous to opt for a weekly instead of a daily rate.  Weekly rates are, in general, cheaper in the long run as compared to daily rates.

Majority of the travel companies here in Waikiki have their own online portal and therefore it would be more convenient for you to make reservations online.