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Waikiki Streetfront
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Dining here at Hawaii can be kind of like a battle for most people.  Food here is usually either too light, such as shaved ice for instance, or simply too heavy, such as the burgers served at Chilis.

Despite that, there is no scarcity of food here in Waikiki.  At Perrys Smorgy on Kuhio Drive, you can enjoy a variety of buffet offerings, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll always have something new to dip your taste buds into.  From low end fast food chains to popular fine dining restaurants, there’s always something to suitable for everyone here.

When you travel you young children, it is not uncommon that they always want to dine in fast food restaurants.  Be careful with this though, as one family I knew had their children experience some health problems due to having too much McDonald’s food.  The key here is to have variety of balanced meals, and having to eat just like you do when you’re at home.

Breakfast is very important, and it is this time that you should have a decent meal.  Based on our experience, the IHOP on Kuhio was quite too much food for most children, and food is easily thrown to waste if you can’t save the leftovers for later consumption.  We recommend that you go dining out at dinner time so that should you have any leftovers, it would be more convenient for you to bring them back to the fridge of your hotel for consumption in the morning.

In our own trip, we had some variety during lunchtime.  When you are strolling near the beach, it’s easy to just get yourself a hamburger or hotdog, although on some days after we got home early from an exhausting tour, we just decide to instead take a nap in the hotel room or spend some peaceful time near the swimming pool.

Dinner is usually the meal of the day where most of us tend to eat a lot, especially at times when the temperature becomes a lot cooler in the evening.  Children will most probably eat a lot at this time, but at least whatever leftover can be stored in the fridge for later consumption.  I recently wrote about the main reasons for having a kitchenette whenever you travel, and this one is no exception.

If you want to get something to munch on while you are in your hotel room, it’s a good idea to drop by Walmart in Ala Moana Mall or just visit the grocery located inside.  Here prices are more tourist friendly as compared to other places in the Waikiki hotel strip.

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