Celebrating King Kamehameha Festival in Hawaii

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King Kamehameha Festival is celebrated in remembrance of King Kamehameha I. King Kamehameha I is responsible for uniting the kingdom of Hawaii in 1810. After he united the islands of Hawaii, he became the first king. The festival was established on the 11th of June 1872. Today, the people continue to celebrate the King Kamehameha Festival. You can participate in the festival without paying any fee. Everyone can celebrate the festival with the local Hawaiian. The festival is an alcohol free event. It is observed as a smoke free event.

King Kamehameha Festival was declared as the first Hawaii holiday on the 11th June 1959. On the 11th June 2011, it will be the 95th annual King Kamehameha festival. On the 10th June, the King Kamehameha Celebration Commission Lei Draping Ceremony will be celebrated in front of the King Kamehameha statue. On the following day, the floral parade organized in Honolulu. The floral parade will pass through Honolulu to pay tribute to King Kamehameha.

The floral parade usually will occur in between 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. on Saturday. The parade will start at the King & Richards. It will end at Kapiolani Park. King Kamehameha Festival will be broadcasted live on the Internet by Sunrise news anchors. The Royal Order of Kamehameha I has increased the length of the celebration so that the Hawaiian culture will be protected. More Hawaiian dances, crafts and music performances will be included in the programme of the King Kamehameha Festival. The first programme of the festival will be held on the Moku Ola Island, nearby the bridge to Liliuokalani Gardens.

Enjoy the Waikiki Free of Charge

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People consider the tour of Waikiki to be very expensive as it is one of the best holiday destination of the world. But, as a matter of fact, it is not. There are many companies which have competition of large scale between and one will be shocked to know that even the vendors have a competition of large scale. So, bargains and deals will not be a problem there.

Relax on the Waikiki Beach:

Come out of your resort and move down the beach which has a beautiful views of the mountains and sea. The Beach that surrounds with the numerous hotels and have numerous enjoyment places. Begin with the sea that fronts the Hilton Hawaiian Village and move toward the Natatorium War memorial.

When you pass the last edge of the Hilton beach will start to narrow and you will see Diamond head, and you will pass by the Reed hotel then, the grand Halekulani Hotel. Now you can see the beautiful view of the prestigious Hawaiian Hotel. And at the end of this beach you will find a beautiful “first lady” of Waikiki that was previously known as Moana Hotel but now named as Westin Moana Surfrider. This hotel was the first luxury hotel that was built in the Waikiki. At Kuhio beach you will a lot of fun to do. One can find almost eveythig at this beach that he needs to consummate his/her day. Here you may find numerous vendors that will be selling variety of things. The Queen surf area is best for swimming and getting tan at the Kapi’olani Beach Park. When you move orward whre Kapi’olani beach is at back you will see a Waikiki Aquarium here and the next thing you will see is Natataorium War Memorial that was built in 1972 to regard the people who did there best in the World War 1. Walk through this beach it is beautiful and do not charge anything. You can capture beautiful moments here and which is free of charge.

Sunset and Torch Lighting and Hula Show:

People of Waikiki has very beautiful tradition of torch-lighting observance that the take place almost evry evening in the whole Waikiki. You will observe there a half-clothed brown skinned man running along with the road holding a sick of fire. His duty is to illuminate the torches with fire.

In Waikiki, you will enjoy the beautiful and comforting evening, and the torch lighting ritual and the special music of Hawaii and the awesome hula performances, This show start just hour before the sunset.

It take place every night except Monday if weather permits. It take place at Kuhio Beach Hola Mound near Duke Khanamoku statue, beachside at Uluniu and Kalakaua Ave at the schedule of 6:30 to 7:30 PM round the year but in November, December and January it take place at 6:00 to 7:00. These shows are outdoors. One can sit on grass or beach or can take chairs, mat etc with him/her. You are allowed to take cameras in with you so don’t hesitate to click your pictures there. It is offered by the City and Country of Honolulu, the Hawaii Tourism Authority and Waikiki Improvement Association. I you want to get some more information feel free to call: 843-8002.

Off from Playing at the Sea

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One should know all those things that are offered by Waikiki when someone is exploring the world of Waikiki. If you are off from playing at the sea you must be visiting any other spot of Waikiki. So here we shall study what are special places for families in the Waikiki. There a lot of historic places in Waikiki for the families to visit namely Honolulu Zoo, U.S army Museum, Waikiki Historic Trail and the Waikiki Aquarium. Other then the historic places there are also very eye-catching and beautiful place namely The North Shore, Kailua, The Pali, Koolau Ranch, and Arizona Memorial.

The Honolulu Zoo:

The Zoo is situated at the area of 42 acres. This Zoo is the place to live of 995 different animals from the tropics. There are Kombodo, Dragons, orang-utans, elephants, primates, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and a variety of African animals. So surely vsit this place if you love animals!

Zoo administration organizes the twilight Tours of the Zoo every Saturday night from 5:30 to 7:30. These tours are led by the guide. These tours are suitable for the adults and for the families having children of 5 and up.

This is zoo is open to 9:00 am to 5:30 pm daily. And last entrance is allowed at 4:30 pm. This Zoo is open daily except Christmas Day.

It costs $8 adults, $4 locals, $1 Children ageing 6 to 12 and children who are 5 and under are free to visit.

The Waikiki aquarium:

University Of Hawaii established this aquarium in 1904 and this Aquarium I socated on the shoreline of Waikiki Beach near a living reef and across kapiolani park,. This aquarium display cases more than 500 species of the sea and upholds more than 3,000 specimen of sea. Education programs, family-friendly nd interactive exhibits rejoice the exceptional aquatic life of Huwaii.

This aquairim is also a place to live for two endangered Monk Seals. It is open from :00 am to 4:00 pm. It costs $9 for the visitors and $6 for the the local residents, active duty military with ID, students with ID and Senior: $4 for youth ages 13-17 persons with disabilities; $2 for juniors ages 5 to 12; and free for children 4 and under and Friends of Waikiki Aquarium (FOWA) members.

U.S Army Museum of Hawaii:

Coastal defense battery housing military memorabilia from early Hawaiian period through Vietnam War. This museum showcases the honoring Medal of Honor and Distinguished Service Cross recipients. In this museum you can find gift shops and This Museum is free to enter. This museum administration does not charge anyone.

Waikiki Historic Trail – Surfboards mark the spot:

Waikiki has a long history. Its history start before any tourist arrived at this spot or the first hotel was built. It has been the passion of author Dr. George Knahale to revitalize a feel of affection for the Waikiki’s history. to uncover or to tell this untold story Kanhale designed the Waikiki’s History Trail, that place where once the chiefs and commoners lived, is the walking tour that map out the past of this area. Once part swamp, part playground for Hawaiian royalty, It remained a centre of Hawaiian generosity and the seat of Oahu’s Government.

There are five markers installed:

  • One down the Ala wail canal at the new Hawaii’s Convention centre
  • Two at kuhio beach (here the trial starts)
  • One at Hilton Hawaiian Village
  • One at the centre of the Waikiki at the site of Kaiulani statue.

Other cease down the two-mile route include Queen Liliukalan’s residence, King Lunalilo’s residence, Kapaemahu healer’s Stones (or Wizard Stones), Kawehewehe’s Healing Waters, and ancient fish and duck ponds.

And some sites are regarded as markers themselves namely The Moana and the royal Hawaiian hotels and the Statue of Khanamoku.this is the joint project of city and the private sector. This is really a way of create awareness both as holy place to Hawaiians and a bid past of its history.

Waikiki a Water Wonderland

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Waikiki is very famous beach as it offers a lot of water adventures to do. This beautiful beach extends from Hilton Hawaiian Village to the Duke Khanamokuo statue. Some f these beaches are suitable for swimming and some for snorkel and some for sunbathe but overall these are beaches are really a fun.

People who want to surf but they are new to this can get surfing lesson here. One can get surfing lesson and surfing boards from the local beaches boys. Other then surfing there are much more water adventure such as fishing, scuba diving, sailing, and shark tours jet skiing etc. One can call Waikiki as Water wonderland or Water Joy land.


It is very interesting sport to do. It is very easier and is very requires very little amount of money than the scuba diving or surfing. It can be done by finding good and suitable spot on the beach or  by reserving a cruise.


No one knows the exact origin of the surfing. This enthusiastic sport or art was scrutinized for the first time ever in 1767 by the Europeans (the crewmembers of the Dolphin at Tathi. Soon after that, Jackson Crane, An American serving under explorer Captain Cook) who for the first time ever witnessed the surfing, in Hawaii in 1778.

This art was a heart of the early Polynesian culture. The most skillful wave rider in the people was the chief who had best board which was made by the best tree. At that time the class who ruled had the best boards while the masses were not allowed on the very same beaches but masses could achieve standing by their good abilities in the surfing.

With the arrival of missionaries in the Germany and Scotland many Polynesian traditions got banned counting surfing and holua sledding. This is why by the 20th century no one could see these beautiful and energizing sports at a large scale but it was a good luck that some Hawaiians continued to live out this art.

People who lived near the Waikiki started this again to revive this sport as a protest to the illegitimate oust of the Hawaiian Kingdom and there hard work of reinstating this sport proved to be fruitful as it was re-established. Duke Kahanmoku (who was the Ambassador of Aloha and Olympic medalist and avid waterman) played vital role in exposing this sport to the world. And then this great role of Khanamoku was remembered as first rate letter postage stamp in 2002. A book was written by an author Jack London on surfing after when he challenging surfing. And in the 20th century this sport got very popular drastically due to the great interest of people in it and the new modernization in this field.

In early stage of surfing it was first developed in here areas and that were Hawaii, Australia and California but were not so popular until 1960. Very people challenged this sport. But with release of movie Gidget, surfing got boost and start getting popularity. B-movies and music which were based on surfing and Southern California beach culture played vital role in the popularizing this sport.

Surfing is very energizing and enjoying sport. Surfing locks up the body and the soul of a surfer and takes him along the powerful waves of he ocean and don’t let him go. Waikiki is very suitable place for the beginners of the surfing. Waikiki beach boys are very popular as they give one the lesson of surfing and are helping. They took control of the beach in 1930s. Beach boys necessitate licensed lifeguards.

Scuba Diving:

Hawaii’s undersea scene is very matchless. Warm water and high visibility under the sea is very convincing to dive in the sea again. The lava tubes, arches, caves and cavers, canyons, crevices and pinnacles, as well as sunken vessels are great for the diving breaks.

Catamaran Rides:

It is very relaxing to sail on the catamaran as one can sunset stroll or you can have a dinner under the beautiful light of moon or you can take a midday trip. You can also swim with turtles and snorkels with the tropical reef fish and the friendly dolphins on some vessels.

Oahu’s Most Beautiful and Exotic Beach

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Waikiki beach is the most exotic beach of the Oahu and is very famous among the people of Oahu. Waikiki beach has been very popular for the tourism purpose since 1950s. A Japanese surfer, local beauties getting tans and pink-roasted visitors beautifies the panorama of this beach. One can swim easily as the there is a lot of calm water for swimming and breakers are faraway from the shore. There is a lot of shopping here. And pre-and-post drinks and dinning is not a problem as they are easily available here. One can see the foot-steps of the thousands and millions of people who walk through this beach.

Waikiki beach offers a lot of stuff to do.

To go at a distance from the shore in the water one can buy rubber raft from the ABC and E-Z discounts shops. One can see numerous sea turtles moving slowly at the “grand dame” of Waikiki, the Sheraton Moana Surf rider Hotel. Mai Tai beneath the banyan tree (here “Hawaii Calls” were broadcasted for about 40 years) is very relaxing.

It is very exciting to see surfers riding the Waikiki’s waves. If you want to try then grab hold of some waves on an exhilarating canoe ride. At Waikiki beach you can buy gear from the local beach boys. In Waikiki there is very famous surfing story of legend Duke Kahanamoku and that marvel is memorized with the statute across from the Hyatt Uluni Ave.

There are about 1.5 miles of beach in Waikiki and is a series of beaches which have their own fascinating names. At these beaches there are a lot of hotels which have their own ocean viewing restaurants, and is very relaxing if one take his/her meal here. There are also open-air showers.

There is a lot of pleasure for a person who takes his/her brunch in the Surf Room at the “pink palace” of Hawaiian hotel. Sunbathers are very lucky as they look around the designer boutiques. One can take pleasure by catching the free nightly hula show at Halekulani’s House at sunsets. When it gets dark one can stare at a moon over a Diamond Head.

One can start his/her jaunt to by leisurely walking down the beautiful beaches of Waikiki. And these beaches extend from the beautiful Duke Khanamoku Beach (which is present near the Hilton Hawaiian Village) to Suke Khanmaku statue on khuio Beach. One can get tan here, can swim or snorkel. Or it may be very enthusiastic to get your first lesson of surfing or group canoe ride. But if your are beginner then the gentle waves will be suitable for you. You may rent a board by the surfboard racks or can ask the local boy for the begging lesson of the surfing. There is everything present at beach that one need for a day at beach and things can be rented by the local beach boys or local vendors. Here is the list of the things that one can find at the beach:

· Kayakas

· Surfboards

· Beach Chairs

· Air Mats

· Air Tubes

· Beach Chase lounge

· Boogie Boards

· Aqua Cycles

· Beach Umbrella

Now, we shall study about the surfing at these beautiful and exotic beaches:

Kuhio Beach:

This beach is very beautiful and is in the centre of the Waikiki and has very suitable settings and conditions for beginners board surfing. Beginners can buy the surf boards and can start surfing lesson. This beach is very popular among the families at it has very protected swimming areas. And families feel their children safe here while swimming.

Queen’s Surf Beach:

Some time ago Queen Liluokalani had her beach house here its pier was situated here then, this beach was named after her. This beach is very popular among the people for swimming, bodysurfing surfing and snorkeling. This beach is situated in Wakiki’s Khuio beach Park near the Honolulu Zoo, the Kapionali Park and Wakiki Aquarium. This beach is situated in the Kuhio beach.

Royal Manoa Beach:

This beach is situated in front of the Royal Huwaiin Hotel and the Sheroton Moana Surfrider and is two beaches Ulokou Beach and Kahaloa Beach.

Kahanamoku Beach:

This beach is named after the famous sufre Duke Khanamoku. Khanamoku Beach is situated in front of the Huwaiin Village Resort. This beach is man-made beach.The Altanis submarines offers tours and dinner cruises and pick up the passenger from the Port Hilton Duck and this port is located on Kahanamoku Beach.

Fort DeRussy Beach:

This beach is very famous for the snokerling as the coral reef are a few hundred feet offshore. It is sitauated in the Fort DeRussy Beach Park.

Gray’s Beach:

This beach is situated in front of the Halekuani Hotel.

San Souci Beach:

This beach is situated between the War Memorial Natatorium and the New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel in wakiki. This beach is also known as Kaimana Beach.This beach is really very suitable for swimming and family trips.