The Surfing Capital of the World

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Ever since the 1950’s Waikiki has been a very famous town for its surfing activities.  It has been so popular that is been named the surfing Mecca for many surfers such as Laird Hamilton, Derek Ho, Margo Oberg, John Kelly and Jack Johnson.  This sport, which only forms part of Hawaii’s exciting sports life, is more popular here than perhaps in any other place in the globe.  Today, Waikiki regularly hosts numerous large-scale international surfing events.  Almost any sport facility you can think of can be found in this paradise island.

It is in this place where you can enjoy life like the famous surfer Duke P. Kahanamoku did.  You can also indulge in many thrilling aqua sports like sailing, swimming, water polo and snorkelling.  If fishing is your cup of tea, then you definitely visit Waikiki’s deep sea fishing centers.

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Waikiki Beach – The Surfing Capital of the World!

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Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
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Amazing Beaches!

Waikiki is the perfect place to be if you are a water sports enthusiast.  With a combination of Hawaiian traditions and American lifestyle imbued in their sandy beaches and spectacular waves, along with prime seafood restaurants and luxury resorts, resisting this place will definitely prove futile.  Everywhere you look in Waikiki – the views are simply breathtaking.  Prominent figures in the 20th century such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, Keniji Osano and Robert Lewis Stevenson have marvelled in the spectacular beauty that is Waikiki.  Just last year visitors coming to Waikiki’s beautiful beaches, fine seafood restaurants and world-class resorts have come to around seven million!

It is in this place where you can enjoy surfing in the sparkling blue waters that only Waikiki can offer.  Located on the island of Oahu, Waikiki Beach is simply the world’s best beach full of thrills and excitement.  This place is also where the exhilarating sport of surfing had begun, which was also one of the most popular non-Olympic sports in the 21st century.

Waikiki has certainly been blessed with numerous gifts from Mother Nature, and human nature as well!  The island is bordered by a natural array of tropical gardens and breathtaking natural formations.  It is here where you can experience living in an unhurried atmosphere of a modern small town.  Waikiki Beach offers water temperatures of 75 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 to 25 degrees Celsius on average in the month of March.  During the month of August, water temperatures rise to around 77 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 to 28 degrees Celsius on the average.  When it comes to beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and luxurious resorts, nothing comes close to Waikiki – this place is one of the more secluded beaches of either the Pacific or America.  If by chance you are in Hawaii’s capital Honolulu, the beaches of Waikiki is just an hour away using the city’s modern transport system.

Waikiki has captured the hearts of foreigners for many centuries.  It has been a place of recreation for the royal family of Hawaii ever since the 1860’s.  It has also has been frequented by thousands of US soldiers serving in the armed forces during the World War II.  And who can forget that ever popular 1977 TV series produced by Aaron Spelling?  His glamorous and gorgeous angels invaded the Waikiki coastline to dish out some hot and spicy action…yes your right, its Charlie’s Angels!

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Waikiki eating tips

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Waikiki Streetfront
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Dining here at Hawaii can be kind of like a battle for most people.  Food here is usually either too light, such as shaved ice for instance, or simply too heavy, such as the burgers served at Chilis.

Despite that, there is no scarcity of food here in Waikiki.  At Perrys Smorgy on Kuhio Drive, you can enjoy a variety of buffet offerings, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll always have something new to dip your taste buds into.  From low end fast food chains to popular fine dining restaurants, there’s always something to suitable for everyone here.

When you travel you young children, it is not uncommon that they always want to dine in fast food restaurants.  Be careful with this though, as one family I knew had their children experience some health problems due to having too much McDonald’s food.  The key here is to have variety of balanced meals, and having to eat just like you do when you’re at home.

Breakfast is very important, and it is this time that you should have a decent meal.  Based on our experience, the IHOP on Kuhio was quite too much food for most children, and food is easily thrown to waste if you can’t save the leftovers for later consumption.  We recommend that you go dining out at dinner time so that should you have any leftovers, it would be more convenient for you to bring them back to the fridge of your hotel for consumption in the morning.

In our own trip, we had some variety during lunchtime.  When you are strolling near the beach, it’s easy to just get yourself a hamburger or hotdog, although on some days after we got home early from an exhausting tour, we just decide to instead take a nap in the hotel room or spend some peaceful time near the swimming pool.

Dinner is usually the meal of the day where most of us tend to eat a lot, especially at times when the temperature becomes a lot cooler in the evening.  Children will most probably eat a lot at this time, but at least whatever leftover can be stored in the fridge for later consumption.  I recently wrote about the main reasons for having a kitchenette whenever you travel, and this one is no exception.

If you want to get something to munch on while you are in your hotel room, it’s a good idea to drop by Walmart in Ala Moana Mall or just visit the grocery located inside.  Here prices are more tourist friendly as compared to other places in the Waikiki hotel strip.

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Things to do in Waikiki, Hawaii

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Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii.
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With so many activities waiting for you in Waikiki, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed with the vast array of itinerary in store for you.  With some researching efforts, you’ll find out the best places to hang out while you’re in Waikiki.

Before you plan to go anywhere else in Waikiki, Hawaii, it is best to determine first the interests of the people in your group.  Based on what your group enjoys doing, you can then make an itinerary which suits you best.

For a many tourists, getting to spend a few days in the spectacular beach of Waikiki is something they must not miss.  The beauty of Waikiki beach is simply captivating, and no trip to Hawaii is complete without making a stop here.

Waikiki, Hawaii is also a great place for shopaholics to indulge and spend their time in.  Fancy boutiques and souvenir shops are all over the place, while top-notch restaurants are waiting to give you a taste of their signature dishes.

Once you’ve spent some unwinding and bathing in the sparkling blue waters of Waikiki, you might want to try other exciting activities here such as snorkelling and other types of water sports.  Snorkelling is one of the best ways to enjoy nature’s beauty along with the whole family, plus it’s inexpensive too!

Jet skis and boats are also available for rent in the beach area, and is very exhilarating way of enjoying the crystal clear waters of Waikiki, Hawaii.

Other water sport equipment and swimming gear is available for rent along the beach area.  You can opt to do some canvassing to find out which stall offers the best price for equipment rentals.  Having your paradise getaway here in Waikiki, Hawaii will absolutely become part of the most memorable moments in your life.

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Tips to save money on Waikiki Rental Car

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American Flamingos from the Waikiki Zoo
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Travelling to the Hawaiian Islands on a paradise getaway is best enjoyed if you include car rental services in your priority list.  With car rental services, not only will you be able to get through your itinerary on time, but also enjoy a convenient tour within Hawaii.  Nowadays, more and more people are veering towards green car rental as many upcoming modern vehicles can now run independently of fossil fuel.  These electric-powered vehicles are expected to hit the market by the year 2011.

Of all the many spectacular destinations in Hawaii, no other place is better known for its pristine beaches than Waikiki.  With a Waikiki rental car reservation, you can visit these magnificent hassle-free.  Upon booking a Waikiki rental car service, you can expect to be provided services such as pick-up/drop facility to and fro your airport and hotel.  Must-visit places in Waikiki include Honolulu Zoo, Queen’s Surf Beach and Kapiolani Park.  With knowledgeable drivers along with car rental services, your tour becomes smoother as they can accurately guide you through the whole area of Waikiki.

Regarding the rates of Waikiki rental cars, it will greatly depend on each travel company you book with and therefore you must choose one which offers the best value for your money.  A good way of finding a suitable Waikiki rental car company is by browsing each one’s website and comparing their rates.  Besides this, you can also get more savings on Waikiki car rentals by considering the following tips:

  • Look for package deals when booking for a car rental services.  You can search the web for great value deals or visit their office to make personal inquiries.  It will be then up to you to find the package that best suits your budget.
  • Ask about how you can get hold of discount coupons as you book for the service.  If you opt for online booking, it is highly recommended to check with the car agency regarding such discounts prior to making any payments.
  • Making reservations at an early time may allow you to take advantage of favourable process.  Last-minute reservations are very risky since there is big chance that the demand will be quite high at that time, resulting to higher prices.
  • If you plan to stay in Waikiki for a couple of weeks, it might be advantageous to opt for a weekly instead of a daily rate.  Weekly rates are, in general, cheaper in the long run as compared to daily rates.

Majority of the travel companies here in Waikiki have their own online portal and therefore it would be more convenient for you to make reservations online.

Take a walk outside of Waikiki – Kapahulu Dining Adventures

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Have you been longing for new experiences and taste treats?  Are you sick of lounging on the beach while on your stay in the Waikiki area?  Don’t you think its about time you go out on a new adventure and try something different?  You may want to try walking down Kapahulu Street to experience cuisines which will definitely take you on a journey around the world.  Situated between the H1 freeway and Kalakua, Kapahulu is filled with exotic and interesting restaurants.

To get there, you can travel from the Diamond Head side of Waikiki and head north (towards the mountains) to Kapahulu Street.  Since parking here is quite scarce, it is highly recommended that you instead walk your way through this mile long road.  This will not only allow you to experience the local flavors of the area, but it will also provide your legs with plenty of exercise.  A lot of dining spots here are Mom and Pop shops, in which service is personal and food is pretty much affordable.  President Obama usually visits this area for his favorite local food, care to know which one?

This adventure of yours will definitely take you for a travel around the world.  You might want to try the local ono (good) Hawaiian specialties such as pupus (small samplers), shave ice, plate lunches and pork sandwiches.  Asian dishes are also part of the regular fare, with the likes of ramen (Japanese noodles), Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup, pronounced as “fuh”), tempura and sushi gracing the tables.  Mediterranean specialties do not come far behind, with well-known dishes such as hummus and stuffed grape leaves among the most common requests – all while enjoying a gracious performance by colorful dancers.  If you love Mexican food, you can also get your fill and have them served to your liking, be it spicy or mild.  For those who can’t leave the American fare behind, you can also stick with the usual biggie burgers with fries.

Try not to eat up to your limit as there are also plenty of luscious desserts waiting for you at one of the specialty bakeries along the way.  The ever popular chocolate cake and Baklava are both must-trys – you simply can’t afford to miss these.  I personally can’t find the strength to resist the freshly baked masalas, especially the cinnamon sugar variant.  Should you find yourself in the midst of a long line, don’t be discouraged – the line moves pretty quick, and the wait is always definitely worth it!

Make sure that you drop by and have the adventure of your life in this Kapalulu strip.

Exploring Waikiki

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Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
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In the paradise island of Oahu lies the world renowned Waikiki Beach – a center of attraction for tourists coming from all corners of the globe.  Back in its early times, the beach served as a fancy beach estate for the wealthy people and royal families alike.  By the arrival of the 1900’s, the first batch of tourists started to flock the area, and there were hardly any hotels or guest houses at that time.  Among the first prominent figures to step foot on Waikiki Beach were authors Mark Twain and Robert Louis Stevenson.  The first hotel to be built on the area was The Moana Hotel, while The Royal Hawaiian Hotel made its debut in the year 1920 – a popular hotel among celebrities and socialites alike.  Before its popularity as a tourist attraction, Waikiki was initially just swampland and taro fields.  It was only when the Ala Wai Canal was built in 1921 that the island started to transform into the beauty that it is today.

Waikiki is now filled with a myriad of high class hotels, premiere restaurants, sizzling nightlife and fun shopping centers.

Located east of the Moana Surfrider Hotel at Kuhio Beach Park, the Waikiki Beach Center hosts its own surfing lessons on a regular basis.  Tourists can also inquire at the front desk of their respective hotels on how to arrange surfing lessons.  Located at the Sherton Waikiki and Outrigger Reef Hotel, the Hans Hedemann Surf School is also a great place to learn basic and advanced lessons in surfing.

There are also other fun water sports to be enjoyed in the beach such as outrigger canoes and catamaran rides.  The Port Hilton Dock at the Hilton Hawaiian Village serves as the departure area for exciting activities such as these.  For those inclined with body surfing and boogie boarding, you can check out The Wall at Kuhio Beach, located on Waikiki’s eastern end.

Shopping enthusiasts will definitely have the time of their lives at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, which is packed with a wide range of fancy boutiques and variety stores.  Should you get hungry, there are a lot of fast food restaurants there for you to choose from.  Located just across the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center is the International Market Place which also has lots of souvenir shops, as well as food stalls.  Local artists who create original designs also market their products in this area.  Don’t forget to do some bargaining for the best prices!

If shopping or surfing does not tickle your senses, then a walking tour on the Waikiki Historic Trail might just jumpstart your day!  You can make some inquiries with the Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association about their free two-hour guided tours on Waikiki’s historic destinations.  These free tours are made on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, on which the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center serves as the starting point.

Waikiki will surely redefine your concept of having a good time!

Waikiki’s Famous Ilikai Hotel Reopens After Abrupt Closure

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Oahu from the air.
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After an unexpected two-week closure, the famous Waikiki landmark reopened with a new focus and bargain-basement prices. On July 9, the hotel suddenly closed, giving guests only 24 hours to leave their room, due to financial difficulties. On July 25, the hotel was reopened with rates raging around $90 a night. These rates are based on 10% to 20% discounts in order to show the Ilikai’s new value-oriented nature and attract business back to the hotel.

The 30-story Y-shaped hotel is regarded as Oahu’s first luxury hotel since its opening in 1964. The hotel gained fame in the late 60’s when popular TV cop show “Hawaii Five-O” featured it in an opening sequence. The hotel was recently purchased in a foreclosure auction by iStar Financial. When the company closed the hotel, they worked out a new deal with local union workers. iStar financial retained Aqua Resorts as the Ilikai Hotel’s management company. Aqua already operates a string of hotels in Hawaii, including the Aqua Pearl, which is located almost across the street from the Ilikai.

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Feel at Home in Waikiki

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Waikiki provides one with the wide range of the hotels and resorts for one to accommodate him/her. Waikiki offers such hotels and resorts in which tourist can feel at home and that are very relaxing. And this kind of hotels that provide tourist with the feeling of home includes Ko’Olau Mountains and Condo Ala wai.

Vacation rentals:

A vacation rental of Hawaii’s tourist hub center is located at the southern shore of the Oahu’s Honolulu district. This multinational tourist resort provides tourist with all the facilities and all the attraction which one need to complete his/her vacation with fun and relaxation. It offers one with the different kinds of water sports, nightclubs, Beach etc.

Vacation Rentals offers apartments and condos with multiethnic feel. Vacation Rentals apartments and condo ranges from very small budget to the higher budgets, there is very huge and sufficient range of budgets. Near this Vacation Rentals Pearl Harbor for Naval history lies. And at 30 minutes drive from the Vacation Rentals you can find Polynesian Cultural Center of Laie from where you can get to know about the history of Hawaii.

This is a wonderful place to consummate one’s vacation as it offers one with the beautiful scenes of the Mountains of the Koolau and Diamond Head Mountain. There one can find a lot of fun as they offer you with the wide range of sports and nightclubs etc.


What Timeshare offers you. Timeshare offers one with the vacation property at very low rates for the possession of whole year. This possession can be licensed or rented. Timeshares prove the tourist with the full rights of enjoyment of the possession of the property at Waikiki. The weeks of Timeshare vary from and are charged differently according to some factors: Location Resort Brand, facilities included size of unit and duration of year.

How Timeshare is different from the other Resorts:

Timeshare is much different from the other Resorts as it prove tourist with the best facilities and conveniences. Its resort offers one with the feel at home. Many resorts of Timeshare are completely furnished. Furnishing includes Kitchens, roomy living areas, Home Theatres, swimming pools, spas, Exercising equipments etc.

A Timeshare resort employs the dutiful hospitality professionals. To make their guest’s vacations relaxed and enjoyable.

Looking for a vacation rentals in waikiki take a look at these economy rates.

Options of Entertainment in the Waikiki

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In Waikiki, entertainment is not a problem it provide one with the variety of entertainment here. There are a lot of options of entertainment in the Waikiki. If one want to listen to music in beautiful sunsets of the Hawaii or whether one wants to enjoy the shows in the evening or wants to hear some music while dinning everything is offered by the Waikiki. There are many cultural events and functions which are organized by the Waikiki.

Duke’s Canoe Club:

This club is the most enjoyable place in Waikiki as it offers live music by the Henry Kaono and the live concerts on the beach every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This club offers delighting cocktails and very tasty food menu in which burers, sandwiches and pupus are included.

Sunset on the Beach:

City sponsors free movie shows very Saturday and Sunday to fetch the locals of Waikiki back. Here foodstuff vendors set up stalls near the area so that people can buy foodstuff by them. But most of the people take their food baskets with them. People take their picnic mats and the chairs with them but if you didn’t took these stuff with you then don’t work here is very soft sand to sit. Sometimes it get over crowded if movie is popular.

Hanohano Room:

This is restaurant as well as classic Waikiki nightspot, this restaurant is encircled by the glass walls. It is a nightclub. It offers the smooth jazz and the classics music. On each month new generation march into this nightspot with the part called Skyline on the first and the third Saturday.

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