So you want to shop in Waikiki?

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Shopping in Waikiki is really a fun. Waikiki has numerous outlets from designer boutiques to the local dressing styles outfits. Thee outlets provide people with the latest fashion of Honolulu and Hawaiian. In Waikiki one can find everything there whether he/she is permanent resident or staying for a short term of period. One can find nearly everything from the small shops to the big Malls.

Hawaiian shirts and Hawaiian dress which are also known as Aloha shirts and Mummuu respectively. Other then these dresses one can find the local jewelry of the Hawaii which is very graceful and looks pretty on women. Hawaii markets also provide one with the ceramics, arts and quilts. In the markets of Hawaii you can also find the books on different topics. The shops of Hawaii also offer local and special foods to tourists to take home with them.

One can buy all these things with the 4.166% excise tax on the retail purchases. So when you visit Waikiki keep in mind to pack another bag for this huge opportunity of shopping.

Directory for the Shopping:

Waikiki’s market offers everything to everyone from small to Big shopping Malls.

Luxury Row:

2100 Kalakua Avenue is the Luxury Row which are eight lavish boutiques. These eight boutiques are also know as Elegant Block.

Gucci, Channel, Coach, Bottega Veneta, Hugo Boss are located in the heart of the Waikiki’s urban and beach resort district.

Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center

This sopping center occupies 293,00 square feet of area and hold more than 100 shops and restaurants. One can find everything in this shopping center. In this shopping center you can shop as well as you can take your meals. The restaurants of this shopping center offer different menus of the food. In this shopping center one can find huge variety of the jewelry. One can find here different kinds of dresses here ranging from wedding dresses to casual wears. In this shopping center one can also find the sport goods. So here is everything under one roof.

Waikiki Beach Walk:

If one is strolling around the beach and want some shopping as well then he is at the best place to do this at the same time and at the same place. Here one can find not only the local fashion dresses but also the world fashion products.

International Marketplace:

This International Marketplace is situated in the center of the Waikiki. It has about 130 carts and shops. This market is an open-air market. There are a lot of food courts of the local and international cuisine. It will be great for the people who want to taste the international and local food at the same time at the same place. And these food courts also offers free Hawaiian entertainment five nights a week.

Find Out Interesting Stuff of Waikiki

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If one is planning for the tour to Waikiki he/she should know each and everything of this beautiful and exotic place. One should know that what kind of weather is of Hawaii?

What is the history of Waikiki? Do one need a car to rent or is there any other way of the transportation? How one can rent a surfboard or how one gets the lessons on the surfing? And which Spa service provider is best? And which is the best food in the Waikiki? And which restaurant is best in Waikiki?

The history of Waikiki:

Study the deep history of the Waikiki and how it became the famous tourism destination of this world.

What’s new in the Waikiki?

This is a really very exciting place to visit as with the passage of time the local of Waikiki is modernizing this beautiful place. They are taking here beautiful place up with their history and culture. They just have renovated the two big hotels-the Moana and The Royal Hawaiian and have started nightly torch lighting and hula shows. And the people of Hawaii are introducing a new show of Waikiki Nei in July 2008.

Destination Weddings Waikiki:

One can organize his/her dream wedding in Waikiki. It has been the most popular and exotic destination of weddings in the whole world. In case if one (unluckily) couldn’t arrange his/her wedding in the Waikiki then, he/she is able to spend his/her honeymoon there. So start planning you honeymoon in Waikiki.

Eat like a local:

Hawaii’s cuisine is one of the most tasty and exciting cuisine of this planet earth. The plantation of pineapple and sugar has linked many cultures together. One should not miss the tasty local food Hawaii. From a mixed plate lunch with mac salad and two scoops of rice, a yummy SPAM musubi, to shave ice other then this there are a lot of reasons through which you fell falling love with Hawaii.