Tasty Cuisine of Waikiki

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Hawaiian cuisine is the blend of many cuisines which are brought by multinational migrants to the Waikiki, Especially of America, China, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Polynesia and Portugal, Local Hawaiian restaurants offers you the simplified version of American mcroni salad to the Asian staple. They also provide you with the different toppings from fried eggs to gravey of Moco, from hamburger patty to the Kalua Pig.


A group of Hawaiian chefs collectively figured an organization to generate a fresh American regional cuisine in August 1991. In which they decorated the locally grown ingredients and varied cultural techniques. Twelve chefs entailed Sam Choy, George Mavrothalassitis, Alan Wong, and Roy Yamaguchi mutually sponsored a book for charity. And the main objective of this new set of chefs was to join the restaurant industry with the agriculture making Hawaii Regional Cuisine a reflection of community In this regard, they took an boring international hotel cuisine has foundation on the imported products and replaced it with a cuisine based on locally grown foods.

Island Food 101:

The food prepared in Hawaii is very healthy as well as tasty and the ingredients which are used in the food are very fresh and they are collected from both the land as well as sea. One should know who loves to eat.

This chain of island has very fresh water as well as a lot of and variety of seafood. The residents of Hawaii chomp through the most fish in the nation and the major population prepare it as a raw which know as poke, pronounce it as poe-kay.

This dish is very popular in the Hawaii people and its history goes back to that time when it was served as an uncooked fish and was seasoned with sea salt and crushed with the kukui nuts. In present time, Poke is prepared with fresh ‘ahi (yellow fin tuna) and blended with soy sauce, onions chili peppers, limu (seaweed) or wasabi (Japanese horseradish). Even other kind of ingredients such as mussels, raw crab and octopus can be added in this dish. In most of the restaurants of the Hawaii it is being served as papu (appetizer) menu. It taste very tasty with cold beer. So go and have it!

Kalua pig is most favorite of the tourists. Pig is roasted in the underground oven whole day leaving squashy pork with smoky flavor. It is served as shredded. As it is very popular in the local people and the tourist it has also been converted in the sandwiches, quesadillas and tacos etc.

There is another very tasty food of Hawaii menu and that is poi. Without this Hawaii food cannot be discussed or if it is discussed without it will be a great unfairness to this delicious food. Most of the people do not how it is been prepared. As a matter of fact it comes from the taro root, a starch staple through the Pacific and it is steamed and mashed and mixed with water to take out this into the smooth and thick paste. This dish is very popular in the people of Hawaii and it is very nutritious and is in low in calories. Poi has great taste and one can make it tastier by sprinkling some sugar on it.

It is a great place to visit as one can feel really at home!

Spa for Relaxation

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In Waikiki there are several spa service provider which are only found in Islands. They provide with the different relaxing messages from Succumb to the lomilomi. They add some heated pohaku (stones) to relax your muscles. To refresh and renew your facial skin and muscle they provide you with facials in which they use local ingredients. These service providers offer you all those services which you need to relax your muscles. So lie down and let those service providers to relax you.

Lomilomi Massage:

In his massage they use broad and periodic strokes.

Pohaku (stone) Lomi Message:

It is very old way to relieve sore muscles by means of heated stones.

Seaweed Body Wrap:

In this kind of message whole body is covered with the sea-weed to remove the toxins of the body and stimulate the lood circulation.

Shihastu Massage;

This kind of message entails the usage of finger pressure to relax the tight muscles. And this traditional Japanese massage.

Swedish massage

Long, Circular and Kneading message is very helpful in lessening he tension of the body.


This massage is also an ancient Japanese method of massage. This massage is way of healing by touch.

Facials and Masques:

By these treatments one can renew and refresh his/her skin by the local ingredients like papaya, rose petals, seaweeds, honey, ginger etc.

Spa Guide


Halekuani faces Gray’s beach and was very popular in early times for its healing waters Kawehewehe. This most useful healing spa continues even today with the SpahHalekulani. It provide the guest with exceptional sap experiences, in caring the vision of Halekulani’ culture of calm space and trademark hospitality. Spa Halukani provides you with the full set of choices of facial, nail care, messages, facial and body therapies etc. Seven relaxation suites are featured by the Spa including two tandem suites for couples and in which one of them can be transformed into the bridal room. Other then this Spa offers you steam showers, therapy beds, private restroom and private lockers. It also offers you an outdoor relaxation area. This Spa in recent times is flattered with the coveted Mobil Four-Star rating, the highest bestowed in the Mobil Travel Guide, “America’s Best Hotel & Resort Spas.”

Hilton Hawaiian Village Mandara Spa:

This is the biggest spa in Waikiki. It offers absolute spas. It provides one with the different spa treatments of Asia, Hawaiian, Western, Europeans and Polynesian beauty and relaxation concept. It provide with the Asian spices and oils for masque, scrubs and treatments. Mandara Spa also offers the art of the cardio vascular fitness centre and is open for all the guest on the ostensible fee.

Hayat Regency Waikiki Na Hoola Spa:

This Spa is named as the one of the crown spas of Huwaii and one of the crown 100 spas of the world in the Leisure Magazine. It offers you skin, body and beauty treatments. It facilitate their guest with 19 treatments rooms. And in these rooms one can feel at home as there are very relaxing. All these rooms are equipped with the latest spa facilities and offer you the relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

Dry sauna is very suitable for person who wants some calm atmosphere and time. Here you may relax with your thoughts in the warmth which is very suitable for your body.

Steam showers It is very soothing for you’re externally and internally.

Fitness Centers-This health club is positioned on the third floor next to the spa elevator. It offers you different and responsive exercise equipments.